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Prayer points against human Devils

Daily prayer manual

Apostle Momo Promise

Exposing human Devils

John 6:70

Jesus answered them, “Did I not choose you, the twelve, and one of you is a devil?”

Prayer points

1. Thank God for his blessings upon your life give him all the praise

2. Every human devil assigned to delay my good news be destroyed by fire in the name of Jesus

3. You devil in human form contacting me to contaminate my blessing be eliminated in the name of Jesus

4. Expose the people behind my problems today in the name of Jesus

5. Destiny hijackers sent to snatch my destiny be exposed and destroyed in the name of Jesus

6. Expose the powers visiting me in the dream to steal my miracle

7. I refuse to succumb to the mission of human devils for my life

8. Every devil in human form dragging my success with me be disgraced and scattered

9. I decree double destruction on all human devils fighting my breakthrough

10. Unmask the faces of those tormenting me day and night in the name of Jesus

11. Every Judas in my place of work be exposed by fire in the name of Jesus

12. Powers plotting to give me unto betrayal be eliminated right now

13. I render powerless every evil priest working against me in the name of Jesus

14. By fire by force I reclaim my lost possession in the name of Jesus

15. Break the yoke of dryness and lack in my life in the name of Jesus

16. Ohh hand of God arise, go to the camp of my enemies and destroy their high places

17. Every human devil reporting me to higher powers crash and explode in the name of Jesus

18. Holyghost redeem me from deceitful serpents and lying tongue

19. Human devil living with me be exposed by fire in the name of Jesus

20. Human devils monitoring my progress, enough is enough, pack your load and go in the name of Jesus

21. Every possession of demons and devils with me catch fire in the name of Jesus

22. Spirit of struggle and hardship upon my life be cancelled in the name of Jesus

23. Anyone envious of me and say I will not make it, ohh Lord I receive Grace to employ them

24. Prophecy upon this day and declare what you want to see

25. Pray for the body of Christ and the Church Leaders worldwide

26. Pray for Apostle Momo Promise and Zion flames ministries international

Read Psalms 61

God bless you richly!!!

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