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Powerful deliverance prayer points

Daily prayer manual

Apostle Momo Promise

God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob deliver me by fire

Gal 5:1

1 It is for freedom that Christ has set us free. Stand firm, then, and do not let yourselves be burdened again by a yoke of slavery.


Beloved with profound Joy I write this to you today for you to know or to serve as a reminder that Jesus has set you free from everything that has been holding you bound for long, the bible says it is for freedom that Jesus has set us free Hallelujah. It is important to note that we must now begin to walk and move in victory, if Jesus has set us free and we don't walk in victory or exercise or appropriate our victory then it is as good as nothing, imagine a bird in a cage that is set free and for some reason doesn't fly out of the cage, that bird is still in bondage until it flies out. That is what happens when a person does not key into the work of freedom that Jesus finished on the cross, looking at the scenario of the bird, there are two possible reasons why the bird refuses to fly out of the cage 1. Because it is not aware that the cage is open 2. It has become so used to the cage environment such that even if it leaves it will still come back there. Applying this to humans a person may not be free because he is not aware of what the death of Jesus can give to him, some don't believe in Jesus, while others believe that the only benefit they can get is salvation, they don't believe that the death and resurrection of Jesus affects all other aspects of their life, On the other hand they may believe that Jesus can set them free but love their old ways of life, they may come out and be free temporarily and still go back to their Sin (The cage) because the passion for the things these world can offer them has eaten them up, this night we are going to key into the work of deliverance that Jesus has done for us on the cross and we trust God for freedom today

Prayer points

1. Thank God for his faithfulness upon your life he is worthy to be praised

2. Hand of Mercy find me today and deliver me by fire (Say this seven times)

3. I loose myself from every bondage that I am in right now in the name of Jesus

4. Angel of deliverance locate my household in the name of Jesus

5. Every fowl spirit around my life and environment cry out now in the name of Jesus

6. Ohh God of heaven, torment my enemies with so much pain that they cannot recover from in the name of Jesus

7. Everything destruction!!! Fall upon the camp of my enemies in the name of Jesus

8. I cleanse my environment from every spiritual pollution in the name of Jesus

9. God is not asleep therefore he will wake up to my problems and deliver me in the name of Jesus

10. Agenda of darkness concerning my life scatter in the name of Jesus

11. Anointing to complete all the projects that I have started locate me in the name of Jesus

12. Satanic messenger assigned to deliver evil messages to me be nullified in the name of Jesus

13. Sword of the Lord be drawn and tear down the high places of darkness in the name of Jesus

14. Whatsoever is moving in my environment at night that is not of God catch fire in the name of Jesus

15. Right now my season of laughter has come in the name of Jesus

16. I reject evil load, owners of Evil load be gone in the name of Jesus

17. Powers tackling the prophecy of God upon my life be gone in the name of Jesus Christ

18. I am delivered from the yoke of sin and iniquity in the name of Jesus

19. Everything that is not of God in my life pack your load and go in the name of Jesus

20. My life begins to magnet God's presence in the name of Jesus

21. I am delivered from the powers that fight me at night in the name of Jesus

22. Surprise me with a major testimony today in the name of Jesus

23. My hands are delivered therefore everything I touch has become Gold in the name of Jesus

24. Prophecy upon this day and declare what you want to see

25. Pray for the body of Christ and the Church Leaders worldwide

26. Pray for Apostle Momo Promise and Zion flames ministries international

Read Psalms 74

God bless you richly!!!

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