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Pray these Prayer points To overcome Spirit husband/wife Day 1

This is a Seven days prayer guide to overcome Spirit husband/wife, pray this prayer points anytime of the day or when you see this post

Read Psalms 1, 2 and 3 before you pray 🙏 and watch a miracle happen NB: before this post was made serious prayers have been made. Like and share to seal your testimony

Prayer Points

1. Every attachment I have with Spirit husband/Wife is cancelled by fire

2. Every sexual demon assigned against my Prosperity catch fire and die

3. I break the yoke of Satanic spiritual sexual enslavement in my life and destiny

4. Every sexual demon I have inherited in my family I command you to die in the name of Jesus

5. Over my life and destiny no more Satanic sexual enslavement by the reason of my dreams

6. Every incubus and Succubus Spirit operating in my life I command you to die in the name of Jesus

7. My father my father, arise for my sake and scatter the plans of the enemy concerning my dream life in the name of Jesus

8. Every covenant I have with Spirit husband/wife is cancelled by fire in the name of Jesus

9. I receive breakthrough in my dream life as it is sanctified by the blood of Jesus

10. Lord Jesus sanctify my dream life and put an end to every pollution and corruption

11. Whatever the enemy is doing to pull me down through my dreams is cancelled by fire in the name of Jesus

12. I break free from every curse of sexual dreams upon my life in the name of Jesus

13. Fire of deliverance fall upon me (Keep repeating it until you feel the fire)

14. Oh Lord blind the eyes of every monitoring spirit assigned against my life in the name of Jesus

15. I scatter the mirror any sexual demon is using to fight my destiny in the name of Jesus

16. From today sexual activities in my dream is put to an end in the name of Jesus

17. I put an end to dissapointment at the verge of success in my life in the name of Jesus

18. Pray for Apostle Momo Promise and Zion flames prophetic and intercessory ministries

Like the post and comment "My Case is settled" to seal your testimony

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