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Pray this prayer points for freedom from Spirit husband/wife Day 4

Pray these Prayer points to overcome Spirit husband/wife, today is the fourth day of this seven days prayer, if you are just seeing this you can view previous post for Day 1, 2 and 3

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NB: Before praying these Prayer points read Psalms 1, 11, and 111, also like, Share and comment "My Case is settled"

Prayer Points

1. Thank God for his goodness upon your life and for making you to see this fourth day of prayers "It Can only be God"

2. Lord Jesus sanctify and sanitize my dream life and deliver me from spirit husband/wife dreams

3. Every dream of spirit husband/wife that I keep seeing when an important breakthrough is coming my way is nullified in the name of Jesus

4. Arrow of spirit spouse sent to my life go back to sender in the name of Jesus

5. Lord Jesus I ask that you spoil make a public show of principalities and powers of sexual dreams assigned against my destiny

6. I cough out every Satanic ring covenanting me with spirit husband/wife right now (Keep coughing until you are satisfied)

7. Spirit husband/wife closing my doors die!!! die!!! die!!! in the name of Jesus

8. Every marine spirit fighting me, I command you to die right now in the name of Jesus

9. Any family altar producing spirit husband/wife in my family will explode by fire right now in the name of Jesus

10. I destroy every ugly picture and scenarios being played for me to watch in my dreams in the name of Jesus

11. Every Satanic sexual cage that I have been kept will be destroyed by fire in the name of Jesus

12. Key of my freedom from spirit spouse locate me now by fire in the name of Jesus

13. Every devil assigned to keep me stuck in the pit of sexual dreams will catch fire and die in Jesus mighty name

14. Every demonic anointing of sexual enslavement upon my life be removed right now in the name of Jesus

15. I refuse to fall from grace in the name of Jesus

16. My journey with spirit husband/wife ends today in the name of Jesus

17. Every strongman or woman fighting me In my dreams I command you to die in the name of Jesus

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