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Pray this Prayer points to overcome Spirit husband/wife Day 7

Pray this prayer points to overcome Spirit husband/wife and watch a miracle happen in your life. If you are just seeing this post, view the previous post for Day 1-6

NB: Before praying this prayer read Psalm 2 and 13 and also like the post and comment "My Case is settled "

Prayer for Pst Derick

Read Psalms 51 and Psalms 1, Psalms 11 and Psalms 21 every time you pray

1. Every marine spirit still active against my destiny die in the name of Jesus

2. Every spirit wife assigned against my all round prosperity I command you to die

3. Every Stranger in my life be roasted by fire

4. Thou spirit wife assigned to keep me in bondage, I command you to die

5. You spirit wife assigned to ensure that I continue in my suffering I cut off your head in the name of Jesus

6. Lord Jesus arise for my sake and give me victory over every sexual demons

7. Every battle of sex in the dream end right now in the name of Jesus

8. Every thing that has entered into my body through sexual intercourse in the dream be flushed out right now

9. Every strongman using sexual dreams to weaken me all round is destroyed totally in the name of Jesus

10. I break out of every sexual relationship I have in my dreams from now henceforth

11. I divorce every spirit husband/wife that is still active in my life today in the name of Jesus

12. Whatever evil ring is still binding me with any spirit husband/wife i command the ring to catch fire in the name of Jesus

13. I put an end to working without result in my life from today

14. I put an end to dreams that make me tired when I wake up

15. From today I will no longer meet myself amongst strange people and strange faces

16. Any victory I have gotten during the cause of this seven days prayer is permanent, affliction will not rise again

17. I will not slip and fall into the trap that spirit husband/wife is setting for me in the name of Jesus

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